Faster post-pandemic business recovery with BlockTac digital seals

In previous notes (4/2/2020) (4/11/2020) we described how the products and services developed by BlockTac using Blockchain technology were called to play an important role in the new post-pandemic economic and business environment.

As days go by, the demands for change are better appreciated both in business strategies and in sales and marketing operations and activities. In order to guide our clients, mainly in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, we want to collect in this note some of the most significant initiatives and describe BlockTac’s privileged position to respond to these new needs.

The recovery of business activity will face important challenges that will compel managers to focus the priority on the sales recovery. In the new economic and social environment, it will include*:

  1. Show concern for the health and safety of consumers.
  2. Launching campaigns to recover loyal customers.
  3. Adjust prices and promotions based on current and reliable data.
  4. Redirect spending toward more effective sales initiatives.
  5. Support direct sales on digital channels.
  6. Automate sales processes.
  7. Listen to customers individually and personalize offers.
  8. Act urgently to gain competitive advantage.
  9. Have flexible systems that respond fast to decision-making.

The execution of these initiatives will drive a review of current operations characterized by greater digitization in order to gain productivity, flexibility, quality, and proximity to consumers. The new creation of value requires innovation in the way and speed with which the needs of consumers are met, in the relationship established with them, and in the design of a personalized offer.

Such a digital transformation, consumer-oriented, should ideally be done swiftly, incorporating new technologies that give a concrete response to these demands, while abandoning outdated technological infrastructures and without incurring new investments or high costs in information systems.

BlockTac developments based on the implementation of Blockchain technology, ideally respond to each of the aforementioned needs. And, in particular, the design of our digital seals is especially useful for fast-moving consumer goods companies:

  1. Each seal, which consists of a unique identifier that is integrated into each product unit, grants a proof of authenticity that provides peace of mind to the consumer while defending the manufacturer of fake copies since all of them will be marked as false.
  2. The seals serve as a direct marketing tool connecting individually with each customer. This allows for developing personalized campaigns that reward the most loyal of them.
  3. The information provided by the verification of the seals helps the design and implementation of marketing campaigns tailored to the interests and needs detected in each sales territory.
  4. Data from consumers are obtained immediately and directly, helping to identify the most effective campaigns and redirect them as quickly as possible.
  5. The seals also provide the manufacturer with the functionality of making direct purchases available to consumers.
  6. The direct link with the consumer facilitates the establishment of automatic and repeated sales routines.
  7. The communication established in the verification process is bidirectional, being able to receive assessments and comments from consumers regarding the product and their particular interests.
  8. The platform supporting the seals updates its contents without delay and as deemed necessary to respond to changes in the competitive environment.
  9. The seals are a completely flexible tool that allows for immediate execution of business decisions and has an immediate effect even on already distributed products.

All of the above can be achieved without incurring new investments in technological infrastructures, nor costly consulting fees. Neither its implementation is conditioned by the establishment of industry consortia that homogenize the response and limit the competitive advantage. Our digital certificates solve the problem of product traceability in the supply chain in a simple and economic way, even when facing a lack of cooperation from some of its members.

BlockTac’s technological developments were based from the start on the application of Blockchain technology to the attention of tangible business solutions. Currently, they are already enhanced by more recent applications of “Blockchain of Things” and Artificial Intelligence, to contribute to more complete and insightful decision-making.


(*) From surviving to thriving: Reimagining the post-COVID-19 return.

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