i-Covid19 certificates


It is a digital certificate registered using blockchain technology that shows a person’s COVID-19 status and immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The certificate contains private, secure, convenient, tamper-proof information from the laboratory report on the subject’s test.

Private property

Each person controls their health information. They decide when, how and who to share the information with.


The certificates are issued in a manner that safeguards the subject’s identity. The information is private, so there is no way to know who it belongs to unless the subject reveals that information.


This makes certificates easily available and portable. They are easy to keep close to hand, while also making them difficult to lose or misplace.


They can’t be manipulated or tampered with. Given the nature of the information and its possible impact on social activities, it is essential that it be totally tamper-proof, for the common good.


Allows third parties to verify the authenticity of the information immediately.


The information on the certificate can be updated to reflect any changes in the subject’s health or the instructions or recommendations to follow in any given situation.


The process of implementing the registry system and issuing the digital certificates adapts to the computer systems of each issuing body. The certification process is automated, based on the reports from laboratory tests.

The certificates are delivered to the subjects by email, SMS to their mobile phone, or in a digital or printed PDF file with the test results.

The certificate can be saved on any digital device, preferably in an app like the certificate wallet on a mobile phone.

It can be shared with third parties by email, through mobile messaging apps or using the QR code.


The digital certificates developed correspond to the reports generated by accredited laboratories, which show the subject’s level of immunity to the infection.

Serological test

ResultQR codeIndications
Acute infectionRedLockdown
No infectionYellowFollow up and monitor symptoms
Post infectionGreenNormal activity

PCR and viral antigen detection tests

ResultQR codeIndications
Infection presentRedLockdown and repeat test
No infectionYellowMonitor and repeat test if symptoms appear


The instructions that come with the certificate tell both the subject and third parties how to behave.

They always reference recommendations published in the most recent epidemiological reports and are updated every time a new report or new findings are released. Each certificate cites the scientific reference used.

On the first certificates we referenced the report dated 3 April 2020 titled Propuesta de intervenciones de salud pública para el control del SARS-CoV-2, by Joel López and Oriol Mitjà.



Current knowledge of the disease does not allow us to make certain, definitive assurances as to the immunity acquired after infection. It is highly probable that, until a vaccine has been developed, laboratory tests will have to be repeated periodically, especially for individuals who haven’t yet been infected and developed immunity.


The certificates will allow people to safely return to their professional and social activities, use public transport and visit hotels and restaurants, participate in meetings and large- scale gatherings, etc., while still respecting the prevention measures established for each situation.

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