Blockchain technology comes to education

BlockTac offers educational institutions the ability to issue credentials in digital format, inviolable and verifiable immediately.

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Secure Certifications with Blockchain Technology

BlockTac offers educational institutions the possibility of issuing the credentials of the programs and the results obtained by their students.

Certificates are now safe and reliable, and students can also employ them at their convenience.

The blockchain technology provides students and professionals with real ownership of their data by receiving their official certifications in digital format, trusted and verifiable immediately by third parties.

BlockTac acts as a facilitator and simplifier of the process to access blockchain for users, companies and institutions, guaranteeing the security and indefinite continuity of the data

Benefits of Blockchain technology

Advantages of using Blockchain technology to certify the training obtained:
  • Ownership: The student or professional is the one who always decides whom communicates his data to.
  • Trust: Unequivocal identification of the individual without possibility that the information is falsified.
  • Immutability: Nothing and nobody can change the accredited information.
  • Verifiability: The certificate can be verified by third parties, such as companies, selection committees and verification bodies.
  • Continuity: Certify is stored securely and permanently.
  • Control: The user decides the way to handle his certificates and which ones he associates with his professional profiles.
  • Disintermediation: Ensures that the verification activity only happens once and avoids double handling and processing by multiple verification providers.
  • Cost savings: Sistema sencillo que elimina tráfico de papel y los trámites operativos asociados.

Advantages for issuing entities

The use of Blockchain technology provides very specific and valuable advantages
  • Ensures the issuance of certificates.
  • They can set the expiration date if necessary.
  • The system is safe and maintainance does not impose an additional significant burden.
  • Ensures integrity. The certificate can not be modified or corrected.
  • Authenticity. In front of third parties, it is guaranteed that the issuer is who he claims to be and that his identity has not been stolen

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