BlockTac will verify your credentials with your chosen educational institutions and employers.

blockchain in Education

The Blockchain is, in simple terms, a database distributed in a multitude of computers that collaborate together in the Internet space.


An educational institution and a student agree to register any certification in the database, and sign and encrypt it using cryptographic techniques. Then, the student may address any other institution and share his certificate, whose veracity can be checked directly in the Blockchain without having to contact again with the Institution that issued it.


The Blockchain design means that there are many copies of the database on the Internet, all of them necessary and absolutely identical. This makes fraud impossible, and also guarantees the survival of the certificates issued by the educational institution, even in the event that the institution disappears. The certificates thus registered are perennial and immutable.

Of interest for Educational Institutions:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Continuing Education Centers
  • Vocational Schools
  • Secondary and High Schools

Examples of Certifications

  • Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas
  • Academic records
  • Program Curriculum
  • European Diploma Supplement

Operation mode

  • The educational institution issues a paper certificate (if desired) and communicates that to BlockTac through a private channel. This is its only commitment.
  • BlockTac notifies the student and facilitates an Android or iOS application to view the certificate.
  • BlockTac registers the certificate in the Blockchain and sends the blockchain certificate to the student’s
  • From the application, the student shares the certificate with whomever he wishes.
  • Any person or institution can verify the certificate received from the student without having to contact the accrediting institution.

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