Digital Seals
in Fast Moving Consumer Goods

BlockTac ends with counterfeiting through one use Digital Seals

Fraud in food and consumer products has an extraordinary and growing dimension, estimated to represent 3.3% of world trade and with an economic impact that exceeds 500 billion dollars.

It affects both food products -wine, oil, ham-, as well as medicines, perfumes, garments, and fashion accessories …, just to mention just a few economic sectors.

In BlockTac we have developed a solution that ends this fraud: the blockchain-based Digital Seals


BlockTac Digital Seals are:

  • different for each unit,
  • easily accessible to the buyer,
  • allow authenticity to be checked immediately at no cost,
  • and provide abundant information about the product purchased.

How to use them?

It is only necessary to have the camera of the mobile phone to read the QR of the seal and carry out the verification. In case of identifying a fraudulent product, the complaint can be presented immediately by activating a button that sends a pre-established email.

For any counterfeiter the reproduction of the seal is useless, since all the copies will be identified as false by the potential buyers. In this way, the economic incentive for fraud ends, since no copy can be sold as original.

How much do they cost?

The companies can incorporate these seals to their products, in different formats, in a simple and fast way, for a very adjusted cost, marginal with respect to the price of the products. And sure, truly competitive with any other solution!

Try them!

  1. Scan the QR that appears on the right. If you have an iPhone, just open the camera, point it on the QR and follow the instructions. If you have an Android, you still need any of the App that can read QRs (Lighthing QR, WeChat, etc., whichever you prefer)
  2. This QR was in an original Olive Oil bottle. What you see is an exact copy.
    When the page with the product information appears, click on the red “Blockchain Verification” button.
  3. When you finish the verification process you will see that it tells you that the bottle was opened long ago … and that it is probably a fake.

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