Blockchain digital seals from BlockTac in COVID-19 related medical products

New information confirms what we anticipated on the 2nd of April post in relation to The Day After of the COVID-19 disease. The medical journal The Lancet just published on the 9th an article endorsed by 53 professionals from 20 countries warning of the health risks that will represent the appearance in the markets of inadequate diagnostic tests and vaccines, or counterfeit drugs.

There are historical precedents for these frauds, such as those recorded in the Great Plague of the 17th century or after the Second World War. The limited availability of medical products determined by the gigantic demand that the pandemic has caused will give rise to an offer of fake or ineffective products (due to an insufficient amount of active product).

We will see in social networks and illegal web pages the uncontrolled proliferation of these products so sought after. Consumers do not have, unfortunately, immediate and easily accessible authentication systems to guide them on the guarantee of the products they purchase.

The article in The Lancet proposes to ensure the virtue of products and medicines by implementing portable systems that perform verification tests in the final markets. It is evident that this initiative proves to be unfeasible from a practical and economic point of view. It is much more logical to provide each product unit with its own unique identifier that anyone can immediately verify.

Blockchain technology is ideal to solve the problem. But not applied in any way, but by means of unique and unforgeable certification of each unit of product marketed. Only in this way can each consumer be assured of the reliability of the purchased product.

For more than a year, at BlockTac we have been applying digital seals registered with Blockchain technology as an anti-fraud system in food and consumer products, medicines and academic and professional accreditations. Each unit has a unique identifier whose authenticity can be verified immediately with the mobile phone. Any attempt to falsify the product and copy of the identifier will be declared false and may be reported immediately. Additionally, the seals become a system for direct communication with the consumer that provides many other functionalities.

This application of Blockchain technology has received numerous awards, among which the Seal of Excellence for Innovation of the European Commission stands out. In addition, we have seen a great welcome among our national and international clients for the economy and simplicity of its implementation.

At BlockTac we are ready to apply these solutions to all the new products that may require it.


P.S .: The Spanish press already publishes today examples of the magnitude of the problem.

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