Your business is being disrupted

In fact, most businesses are characterized by being subject to some type of regulations, or acting as intermediaries in a market, or forming part of a value chain ecosystem with various members acting as intermediaries.

Hence, when you hear about blockchain as a solution whose main objective is to ignore a central authority and avoid intermediaries, it raises some concerns as well as presenting new opportunities.

The current situation is that many organizations resolve these reluctance by exploring the implementation of blockchain technology via a proof-of-concept. Before committing to a specific solution or selecting a specific vendor, it is necessary to assess different considerations that come into play when selecting the best approach to exploring blockchain.

The blockchain’s potential is not limited to skipping intermediaries. Managers should consider many other issues in order to be aware of the challenge they face and how they should approach it:

  • How will implementing blockchain impact my business?
  • How will it impact the customer experience?
  • What is the impact on my partner eco-system including my supply chain?
  • How will I ensure privacy, security, and integrity?
  • What type of use case makes sense for my business?
  • What platform is best suited for my needs, and does it scale?
  • How do I handle regulatory requirements?
  • Where do I start?

Insofar as security, transparency, immutability, trust, diligence of processes, costs, third-party intervention, play a significant or determining role in the development of the business, the probability that the blockchain is already disrupting it are high.

BlockTac can help you:

  • Identifying and managing risks of implementing blockchain.
  • Establishing the impact of moving an existing application from a centralized to a decentralized or distributed system.
  • Determining the type of blockchain (i.e. permissioned, permission-less.) that best meets your application and organizational needs.
  • Identifying the requirements to meet the needs of your application.
  • Validating the skill-sets required to implement and maintain the blockchain solution.
  • Deciding the platform solution that best meets your needs or your clients’ needs.


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