SENT is born, the Specific System for Traceability Needs based on Blockchain technology

From BlockTac we are pleased to present you SENT. It is the result of working with our partners in Mexico (Grupo Apsen) and responds to the initials in Spanish for the Specific System for Traceability Needs. It also echos the initials of the old town of San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala where it has born with the intention of answering the needs of organizational supply chains, initially in Mexico and Latin America.

This is a new and significant advance in the process of international expansion of BlockTac solutions, aimed at solving business problems that need to ensure the authenticity of processes and data, and protecting them through the use of Blockchain technology. On this occasion, a platform that is specifically aimed to solve the traceability needs of physical products. It is a technological solution, driven and motivated by a clear objective: to generate trust in any process, without the need for intermediaries, to avoid false or manipulated data, fighting corruption in organizations through a reliable, distributed, immutable, and auditable document system.

In the next few days, we will give you more information about the first implementations of this new platform. It is another example of our strategy for international expansion with strategic partners in different industries that have led us to be present in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States. With them, our client companies have authentication services in IoT platforms, food and consumer products, artworks, documentation services, digital identity, healthcare, and online voting.


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