Recruiting and Blockchain

Recruitment, personnel’s selection and talent identification services require a lengthy process of data verification. From verifying the candidate’s educational qualifications to work experience, including consulting referees, is a time-consuming and tedious task.

It has also become extremely difficult to accurately verify that whatever appears on a candidate’s resume is a true reflection of their ability; hence, some institutions have eliminated some of the previous requirements of the evaluation process of new applicants.

In today’s market, even less-qualified candidates can get their resumes furnished by professionals that have specialized in providing résumé writing help, thereby making it more difficult for recruiters to separate the wheat from the chaff. This requires new ways of organizing the recruitment processes.

Blockchain technology provides a new way for individuals and companies to share information in a secure and easily verifiable manner, including academic and professional achievements.

Educational institutions can now easily provide their certificates on the blockchain (see BlockTac). This will assist employers in verifying educational qualifications of their candidates, avoiding the need of contacting different educational institutions. They can get this information from the blockchain network, thereby making the process immediate and free.

In addition, they could obtain a complete and reliable record of the training and skills acquired, the workplaces and performance evaluations of candidates in each one of them.

Unfortunately, the talent sourcing market has been one of the most affected by fraud and cyberattacks, deceiving both candidates, who have applied to fake companies, and employers who have ended up recruiting the wrong persons. The security of the blockchain can protect both parties from falling into deception.

Blockchain’s applications for recruitment are currently at the initial stage. The transformation of the way we recruit and hire would require significant changes, but it’s important for professionals in the industry to imagine how it could affect those functions in the short term.

In BlockTac we already have operational and useful tools for improving the efficiency, quality and safety of those functions.


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