BockTac launches Art verification platform in Blockchain

The Vilaseco Gallery of A Coruña and painters such as Matoya Martínez Echevarría and Enric Aguilar lead in Spain the authentication of works of art through the use of Blockchain technology. They are part of the initial group of galleries, authors, and institutions that take advantage of the platform developed BlockTac.

At present, the demonstration of the origin of an artwork is based on the trust placed in paper documents, often obsolete and deteriorated, or in the authority of a single third party. It is difficult, if not impossible, to fight against forgery or to follow up on the work of art among its different owners. According to the Fine Art Experts Institute in Geneva, at least half of the works of art examined by them are false or misappropriate, which in the case of the main museums of the United Kingdom is estimated at 20% of its collections according to the Independent. The impact on art galleries may be even greater.

This new certification system, in addition to providing a stronger guarantee for authentication, provides collectors with additional benefits in the organization, display, and transfer of their works while maintaining the reservation of their identity if desired.

BlockTac has been the pioneer Spanish company in the implementation of Blockchain technology for the certification of academic and professional skills, as well as the accreditation of work experience. Its single-use digital seals are the safest and most economical solution to establish the originality of food and consumer products.

The collaboration between BlockTac and the most significant elements of the art world will allow the rapid deployment of the platform and the immediate implementation of various technologies such as Blockchain and RFID / NFD, and advance the development of the “Blockchain of Things”, a project recently co-financed with a NEOTEC program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development of the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities.

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