Blockchain in Education

The Blockchain in Education report of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, published on November 11, 2017, presents the basic principles of Blockchain technology and focuses on its potential applications and impact in the education sector. This radically innovative technology has a significant impact on a wide variety of activities, particularly those that require the registration of property titles with a temporary stamp.
The report explains ways in which this technology can alter the procedures and norms currently established at educational institutions and how the student might be empowered. Among the activities that may be affected by the Blockchain technology include the granting of degrees, awards and accreditations, the management of student academic records, or the management of intellectual property and payment and financing systems.
Among its conclusions, it stands out that the application of Blockchain technology in the education sector is still in its infancy, although it is predicted to grow rapidly. Several pilot studies are described that coincide with the work that BlockTac has been developing and the report proposes different scenarios for the use of Blockchain from the current state of development and implementation of technology.
The report highlights the benefits of its application and the need to develop joint policies among the state members of the European Union, and proposes to provide support for research and implementation of the Blockchain technology through the establishment of innovative programs that might facilitate its development.
Concurring with these indications, BlockTac wants to put our experience at the service of those objectives with the intention of increasing our contribution to the improvement and homogenisation of the European Higher Education Area.
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