Blockchain and food safety

The December issue of Scientific American magazine includes a study of the emerging technologies of this year 2019 and capable of transforming our lives in a meaningful way. One of them and with an impact on public health is Blockchain technology. The proportions of the problem to be solved are clear: 600 million people suffer from food poisoning every year and cause 420,000 deaths. The complexity of distribution networks and the constraint of information and control systems make the source of poisoning difficult to identify and correct.

Blockchain technology, accompanying the introduction of innovations in food packaging, has proved its ability to intervene effectively in solving those problems. The authenticity of the products, as well as the traceability along the distribution chain,  can be established and verified effectively with this technology. The solutions are diverse: There are more expensive and complex formulas to implement, linked to the use of sensors and establishment of business consortiums, and promoted by recognized multinational brand; and there are original, simple, economical and immediate implementation solutions, such as those developed by BlockTac.

In any case, the consumers’ demand to have immediate and safe information on the nature of the products purchased can already be met. The solutions are available and are not exclusive to the major food brands or the most important distribution chains, but at hand even to small producers.

At BlockTac we continue to grow rapidly in the implementation of these solutions, starting with food products and extending their use to pharma and consumer products, both in Spain and internationally.


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