BlockTac verifies your personal Curriculum Vitae.

Curriculum Vitae Certificate

Having the credentials of your CV verified by educators or accreditors and former employers is of enormous benefit. For employers, this reduces the time to find talent and significantly saves hiring costs, and increase productivity.

Blockchain technology can assist in expediting currently undertaken verification processes undertaken by human resources departments and intermediaries.

BlockTac technology makes the process more efficient, faster and trustworthy

Why having your CV verified?

  • Emphasize the reliability of the candidate.
  • Enhance individuals profile providing them with a great first impression.
  • Save potential employers valuable time and money.
  • Increases employability separating individuals from the competition.

Use verified credentials to create different profiles

You can create personalised profiles to showcase your achievements, qualifications and experience. Use your verified details to create multiple profiles. You can employ different templates and formats specifics to different circumstances to increase your employability.

Of interest for:

  • Individual Candidates
  • Human Resources Departments
  • Personnel Selection Companies and Headhunters Firms
  • Professional Boards

Operation mode

  • Send us your CV proposal and the accreditations obtained.
  • BlockTac verifies each element of the CV and composes the final CV.
  • BlockTac notifies you and facilitates an Android or iOS application to view your certificate.
  • BlockTac registers the certificate in the Blockchain system and sends the blockchain certificate to the application.
  • You can share your certificate with whoever you want from you application.
  • Any company or institution can verify the received certificate, without having to contact the accrediting institutions or previous employers. They can do it through open applications, web page or by scanning a QR code.

Contact us to start the process of your Curriculum Vitae verification.

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